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How To Prepare For Our Ride

For beginners or families with small kids we strongly recommend trying out the hour or cave ride, something on the shorter side to test the waters. For people who have ridden before the two hour or half day are great rides! The all day rides should be booked if you’ve ridden regularly or ride often. An all day is not for people who do not ride on a regular basis as it’s typically too physically demanding. It’s important to remember that you’re riding on a live animal, if you aren’t riding in a proper position because you are sore/achy/tired you can make it uncomfortable for the horse.

  • 5 years old and up can ride
  • 5 – 10 years old, an hour ride is appropriate for their attention span

Listen to your body (physical condition). People with joint problems(knees/hips/back) problems should not ride for more than an hour.

For the comfort and safety of the horses and our guests the recommended maximum weight is 200 pounds. 

If you are prescribed an EPIPEN , inhaler or important medication have it with you, each horse has saddle bags for easy storage!

Closed toed shoes, extra layer, water bottle, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen and snacks for your saddle bags. Please apply sunscreen and bug spray before arrival. This will ensure that your ride will depart at the scheduled time. We will have some available at the barn upon request.
Please don’t bring backpacks as we don’t allow you to ride with them on your back.
Saddle bags are provided for water, snacks, and extra layers.

Depends on the condition, but if you choose to book a ride we recommend that you book no more than an hour ride. It’s the appropriate length to test out how you might feel without overdoing it!

Our hour ride is very easy terrain to ride. Great for novice riders or those that have an aversion to heights. All other rides have varying degrees of mountainous terrain with uneven ground and rocky country.

All rides are walking only. The terrain is not conducive to trotting or faster pace due to uneven rocky terrain.

Reservations and Other Information

A credit card is required to hold all reservations. We require 48 hours notice of cancellation for no charge. Rides cancelled within 48 hours will be charged full fee. Guide gratuities not included in prices.

See directions here. Please allow appropriate drive time and plan to arrive 10 or 15 mins early to register and use the restroom. This will ensure that your ride will depart on time.

Hunting Frequently Asked Questions

Wholeheartedly yes, you will be riding and hunting in a high altitude mountain setting. It is extremely important to be in good physical condition to ensure the safety of all involved. 

All types of weather! Colorado is known for its ever changing and unpredictable weather. Always check the local weather reports before a trip and bring extra layers just in case cold weather should move in unexpectedly!

See gear list here.

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