Outdoor Activities for The Whole Family

Explore the Sweetwater Lake area, located only 30 minutes from Vail, Colorado. Bring your sup, kayak or rent a boat, go for a swim or explore the Ute Indian hiking trails.


Fully Guided Hunts

Up to 2 hunters per guide
Hunt includes daily outings from headquarters, lodging, all meals and game pack out.

$ 3500.00 per person (5 day hunt)

Fully Equipped Drop Camp

Hunt includes tents and stoves, a full kitchen, and other basic camp equipment. Camps are checked every other day to resupply and pack out game.

Each hunter may have two animals packed out; additional pack outs are $300.00 per elk and $175.00 per deer.


$ 1895.00 per person (5 day hunt)

Game Pack Out

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$ 375.00 Elk / $ 225.00 Deer

Activities at the Sweetwater Lake

Fishing & Fly Fishing

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Price: $

Rowboat Rentals

We offer canoes for up to 5 persons and kayaks with safety gear and paddles. 


$55/half day
$65/full day


Explore the Ute Indian trail, hike to Hack Lake or the Indian caves. Those who are more adventurous can hike to Rim Lake or W Mountian; Sweetwater Lake is a great starting point for those heading out to the Flat Tops Wilderness area. There is public parking available and we have a restaurant and accommodation available to stock up before or after a multi-day trip.