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Hunting & Fishing

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Horseback Riding and Trail Rides Permitted by the US Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management

Guided hunts and Drop Camps- click here for pricing

Fully Guided Hunts:

$ 3500.00 per person (5 day hunt) up to 2 hunters per guide
Hunt includes daily outings from headquarters, lodging, all meals and game pack out.

Fully Equipped Drop Camp:

$ 1895.00 per person (5 day hunt)
Hunt includes tents and stoves, a full kitchen, and other basic camp equipment. Camps
are checked every other day to resupply and pack out game. Each hunter may have two
animals packed out; additional pack outs are $300.00 per elk and $175.00 per deer.
** NOTE: All drop camps are packed in and out on horseback.  Please see our attached
list of included gear, and packing suggestions. Personal gear, including food, should
weigh no more than 150 lbs per person.  This averages out to one packhorse per person.
Extra packhorses cost $150.00 per horse.

Early Morning Drop:

$ 85.00-150.00 per person
Price depends on distance out to drop. Ride before daylight and be ready to hunt when
the sun comes up.

Guiding by the Day:

$ 400.00 per person (includes a riding horse and bag lunch)
$ 250.00 per person (no horse)
Allows hunter to gain some quick knowledge on the terrain and game patterns so they
may hunt on their own for the following days if they choose.

Game Pack Out:  $ 375.00 Elk / $ 225.00 Deer

-Use soft/collapsible cooler for food instead of hard coolers.
-Bring collapsible chairs if wanted (small camp chairs preferred).
-No glass bottles!
-Please bring powdered drink mixes (ie. Powdered Gatorade or Crystal Light)
-No cases of bottled water, water in camp is drinkable.
(If concerned about water quality, please bring a pump filter or iodine tablets, etc.)